Welcome to bdnoble.com!

I am the Noble BitShares Delegate: bdnoble.
I have been a part of testing the BitShares platform since before the first dry run alpha testing.
I am an active member on the bitsharestalk.org forum as bnoble1206. I have chosen to not be
anonymous to prove that I am trustworthy. You can find me on facebook here:
www.facebook.com/bdnoble. You can also see that I am a founding member on the BitShares.org
team member site here: http://bitshares.org/community/team/ by the name of Ben Noble.

I have a dedicated server hosting the latest BitShares build (currently 0.2.3) with 100Mbit
connection speed and as a current delegate I have successfully produced over 99% of the
blocks that have been assigned to me.

I would really appreciate your vote!