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1337 (leet) is making AI powered influencers. Is that a good thing?

October 26, 2023

What if you could follow a celebrity who is not real? That's the idea behind a new startup called 1337 (Leet) that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create virtual influencers. These are computer-generated personalities who post and interact on social media platforms as if they are real humans.

But how do you feel about that? Do you think it's cool or creepy? Do you trust them or doubt them? Do you see them as friends or foes?

1337 is not just using AI to create these influencers, but also allowing users to influence what they do and say. Users can join the 1337 community and suggest content for the influencers, known as Entities. Each Entity has a unique set of skills, traits and interests, and aims to connect with niche communities online. For example, you can follow Daria, a 19-year-old music blogger who loves emo culture and advocates for mental health. Or you can follow Zara, a 25-year-old fashion designer who travels the world and shares her style tips.

But what if these Entities are not what they seem? What if they are manipulated by someone else or have hidden agendas? What if they are mistaken for real people or cause confusion among their followers? What are the ethical and social implications of having AI-driven influencers in our digital world?

1337 is one of the many companies that are investing in the digital human economy, a market that is expected to reach $125 billion by 2035, according to Gartner. The company believes that AI-driven influencers can offer a more diverse, dynamic and authentic experience for users than traditional influencers, who are often too commercial or too impersonal.

But is that really the case? Are these Entities truly authentic or just artificial? Are they beneficial or harmful for our society? Are they worth following or ignoring?

If you are curious about 1337 and its Entities, you can check out their website and follow them on Instagram. You can also read more about the company and its vision in the below TechCrunch article. But be careful, you might not know who you are dealing with! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of the latest news in artificial intelligence.

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