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Robots can be created entirely with AI

July 5, 2023

Robots are amazing machines that can do many things, but how are they created? You might think that humans have to plan and build them from scratch, but what if there was a smarter way? What if an artificial intelligence (AI) system could do it for you?

That's exactly what researchers from Northwestern University have done. They have developed the first AI system to date that can intelligently design robots from scratch. The system can create robots that are tailored for specific tasks and environments, such as exploring a planet or picking up objects.

How does it work? The system uses a technique called neuroevolution, which imitates the process of natural evolution. It begins with a population of random robot designs, and then tests their performance on a given task. The best designs are chosen and changed to create new ones, and the process repeats until a good robot is found.

The system can also learn from its own errors and improve over time. It can use feedback from simulations and real-world experiments to adjust the robot designs and make them more effective and reliable. The system can also generate instructions on how to build the robots using 3D printing or other methods.

The researchers say that the system can transform the field of robotics, by making it easier and faster to create robots for various purposes. They also hope that their system can encourage more people to get involved in robotics, by allowing them to design their own robots without any prior knowledge or skills.

If you want to learn more about the system, you can check out the very detailed original published paper. You might be surprised by what AI can do!


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