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University of Cambridge develops new AI based VR control system

November 7, 2023

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a new way of using virtual reality (VR) that gives users 'superhuman' abilities to create and manipulate 3D objects with just their hand gestures.

Imagine being able to build a house, a car, or a spaceship in virtual reality without ever having to touch a menu, a keyboard, or a controller. You just wave your hand in the air and the tool you need appears and responds to your movements. You can switch between different tools by performing different gestures, such as cutting, spraying, or scaling. You can stay focused on your task and unleash your creativity without any interruptions.

This is what the researchers have achieved with their new system, called 'HotGestures'. They used machine learning to teach the system how to recognize and interpret different hand gestures and associate them with different 3D modeling tools. They tested their system on a range of tasks, such as building figures and shapes, and found that it was faster, easier, and more enjoyable than using traditional menus and controllers.

The researchers say that this is the first time such a 'superhuman' ability has been made possible in virtual reality. They hope that their system will inspire new applications and experiences in VR, such as education, entertainment, and art. They also believe that their system could be extended to other domains, such as augmented reality, where users could interact with digital objects in the real world.

If you want to learn more about this amazing breakthrough, you can read the full article below. And stay tuned for more of the latest news in artificial intelligence. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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